Boat hire in Sardinia via Samboat

Samboat is one of the best online platforms for boat rental between individuals. To rent a boat in Sardinia in Italy, Samboat offers you a choice of itineraries.

Rent a boat through Samboat

A website with more than 40,000 boats spreads around the world, Samboat offers you a variety of destinations and boat selection options at the lowest price in the world. The site is very fluid and presents several sections with a catalogue available for each destination requested.

Click on the dream destination and browse the catalogue of available boats to offer you their service. The price depends on the size and type of the boat, as well as the power of the motor and other technical labels, which are detailed on the boat's specifications. The price of the daily rental is also shown on the form with the direct contact of the owner and the acronym to know if it is available for your stay date or not. You can then send a message to the owner and ask for information, and then once the owner has given his consent, you make the official request on the site.

Boat rental in Sardinia by Samboat

Embarking on boat hire sardinia with Samboat is a great idea, and you will not be disappointed with your choice. The first step to take is to choose the dates. And then it is the only site that offers to filter the sites that offer the best rate at your request. At the moment, a rental of a sailboat for Sardinia is on special offer for only 270 euros per day with a skipper for a day of stroll with about ten passengers. Most of the boats on display on this site, and are equipped with a shower with hot water, a toilet, a kitchen equipped the upper deck with a tanning bench and 3 cabins.

Not to mention enjoying visits to the coves and atypical landscapes on the island of Sardinia or taking a long cruise from Corsica.


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