Find the boat you need at anytime with Samboat

Boat rental is finally entering the Internet age. Think about it compared to a car rental. You can rent a car any time, virtually anywhere. Need a car at the airport? There are hundreds, if not thousands, to choose from. Need a bigger car to take a family vacation? You can usually rent one right where you live, from one of your neighbours even. Want to rent a sports car just because you can? No problem. Want to rent a boat? Most folks wouldn’t know where to start. This is changing fast. Samboat makes boat rental simple, fast, and easy. With thousands of listings all over the world, renting a boat has never been easier.

Rent a boat goes better than buying it

Finding a boat to rent like in boat rental sicily was like trying to find a needle in a haystack but today, this question has no place because samboat is present. Where do you look? How do you work out the logistics? With Samboat, the world of boating is at your fingertips, and everything is taken care of. This raises an important question for boating enthusiasts and would-be boating enthusiasts alike

When you rent a boat, you pay for when you use it

We’re talking tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the type of boat you like to use. Today’s ski, wake, surf boats with all the bells and whistles will land you north of about $100,000. If you’re looking into something you can cruise, eat, sleep on, and think more. That’s right. A nice 40-foot yacht can easily cost more than what you can imagine. When you rent a boat, you pay for when you use it—so the upfront cost of ownership is eliminated. The only problem is that unlike most land-based second homes, boats depreciate just like cars do, meaning they lose value over time. Boats don’t measure their usage in miles, but in the hours that the engine has been used.


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